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Aussie Jerky
is a supreme quality, Australian Beef snack, rich in flavour and nutrition, low in fat and carbohydrates, an excellent source of iron, it has an amazing 67% natural protein. Best of all is the......
sensational savoury

If you have never tried a Beef snack before, or perhaps you’ve been disappointed with a poor quality product, you now have the opportunity to experience the full-flavoured taste of real Beef Jerky, directly from us. If you are already a Beef Snack fan, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the superior taste and quality of our products.

Our Beef Jerky is the real thing, made the only way genuine Beef Jerky should be made - from 100% whole slices of prime quality Aussie Beef. No fillers, binders, "mystery meat" or artificial flavours and preservatives, just premium quality Australian Beef expertly hand prepared. We use only first grade traditional “Topside Roast” joints, trimmed extra lean, to prepare our delicious, full flavoured, ready-to-eat snack. Whole slices are cut by hand, seasoned, deep marinated and then slow cured. This process concentrates the distinctive flavours and nutritional qualities, producing a real taste sensation.

We despatch orders daily, Australia wide to your home or workplace.
We've been supplying our "real" Beef Jerky on-line, direct to the consumer since March 2005.

Aussie Jerky is a world away from the dried out, mass produced, imitation meat snacks commonly found on retail shelves.

What's the difference?

Most Beef Jerky and similar snacks available in retail outlets are in fact 'formed' or 'manufactured meat' products. The information listing on the back of the pack reveals ingredients in descending order of content, one of the major  ingredients is  ........flour.
Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Hydrolysed Vegetable Gum, Corn Gluten, Guar Gum, Vegetable Protein, etc. etc.  are all highly processed, complex starches used by the food manufacturing industry as bulking, thickening and binding agents.
These products are generally processed by initially pulverising the meat, adding binders, fillers and additives before reconstitution by heating, and then finally shaping and pressing into moulds to resemble a slice of beef – may as well eat flavoured cardboard!
Typically, Beef snack manufacturers mass produce and store their products in large batches, with ‘Best Before’ dates 12 months or even 2 years in advance!
Why pay $4.00, $5.00 or even more sometimes for a 20 or 25gm. pack of manufactured meat, "imitation" Beef Jerky that’s been sitting in a warehouse or on a retail shelf for months at a time?

Fresh is Best
Our real Beef Jerky is expertly hand processed under strict hygiene and quality control procedures, in a modern purpose built facility, in compliance with all Government Regulatory Authority requirements. Production and dispatch takes place 5 days a week to ensure customers receive our products at the absolute peak of their flavour and nutritional content,you can be sure of always enjoying the freshest, best tasting, natural Beef Jerky available.

Aussie Jerky is available in two styles in a variety of flavours. All products contain no artificial additives or preservatives.
Our Jerky Bites are also Gluten free.


Aussie Jerky ’s exceptional nutritional qualities have special appeal to those of us who are health and diet conscious, or attempting to increase or tone muscle mass. Followers of the Atkins Diet, the CSIRO Total Well being Diet and similar weight control programs, now have a satisfying snack that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

People of all ages can enjoy the great taste of Aussie Jerky, a source of iron and protein for growing children, they make an ideal lunch box snack. Trimmed slices are also an excellent pacifier for teething infants.

Our products are a fantastic high-protein "on the go” meal or snack, suitable for all sorts of outdoor pursuits, whether you're working or enjoying a favourite sport or recreation, they require no special storage considerations and don’t crush or melt like other snacks.

Of course, at the end of the day, they are an excellent complement to a glass of your favourite beverage.



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